Tuesday, December 16, 2008

SacGRU the Sacramento GRoovy (GRails) Users

I've created a google group for all you interested in the Sacramento Groovy User's Group. The address is:


If you are interested, please sign up so that I can notify you of plans, upcoming events, etc. I'm very excited at the prospect of bringing the Development Productivity of Groovy and the Grails platform to the Sacramento Area. Imagine the cost savings to the California State Government if they built all their Web Applications using Grails. Goodbye 42 Billion dollar debt!


hansamann said...

Would you mind adding any upcoming events to the Groovy Event Calendar?


Pls. mail us your google email address and we add you to the list of authorized people who can add events.


iamsteveholmes said...

Hey Sven!
I'd be happy to...but I don't see where I can email you. I'm checking out the grailspodcast site.

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