Tuesday, December 16, 2008

SacGRU the Sacramento GRoovy (GRails) Users

I've created a google group for all you interested in the Sacramento Groovy User's Group. The address is:


If you are interested, please sign up so that I can notify you of plans, upcoming events, etc. I'm very excited at the prospect of bringing the Development Productivity of Groovy and the Grails platform to the Sacramento Area. Imagine the cost savings to the California State Government if they built all their Web Applications using Grails. Goodbye 42 Billion dollar debt!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Who wants a Sacramento Groovy User's Group?

I've been thinking for months about pursuing creating a Sacramento Groovy User's Group. Right now I'm trying to gauge the interest. I've talked to folks at the Sacramento Java User's Group and there was some interest there. Please ping me if you are in the Sacramento area and something like this would appeal to you.

My basic plan is to meet once a month and do the following types of sessions:
  • Vendors coming in pimping their products that use groovy in some way
  • Developers showing off the work they're doing with Groovy
  • Talks on various Groovy related technologies (Grails, Griffon, etc)
  • Open discussion
  • Lightning talks
  • Code reviews
  • Mini-code camps ("let's build something that does X")
...and of course I'm completely open to suggestions on other topics/formats, etc.

In order to make this work primarily I need interested people. I've already got ideas for sponsors (facilities, food, etc.).

Please hit me up if you're interested in participating in any way.

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