Thursday, May 7, 2009

Intellij 8.1.1 out with Grails 1.1 support

Intellij has reclaimed it's crown as uncontested King of Groovy/Grails IDEs with the release of 8.1.1. As many of you know, the release of Grails 1.1 introduced a number of improvements, in particular changes to dependency management and plugins, the testing plugin integration, etc. While all these improvements were great, the fantastic support for Groovy/Grails in IDEA broke.

Now with release 8.1.1 you can expect all the IntelliGrails goodness to return. As one who was using the EAP to get Grails 1.1 support I'm also happy to report that the Intellij team was highly responsive to our bug reports in particular the inability to debug integration tests. It all seems to be working in the last EAP and I'm downloading the Gold release now.

If I notice anything interesting I'll post again with my experiences.

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