Tuesday, May 6, 2008

JavaOne: Day 1 (Tuesday): Keynote

Knowledge Dump:
  • Java is on 3 Billion Devices(mostly phones)
  • Card scanners, blah blah blah, old news
  • John Gage just made a joke (sorta) about not having a social security card with an electronic identifier, or as he said:
    "Hi, I'm an American, please detonate the closest device."
  • CO2 sensor, used for mining, etc. Can be used for monitoring water usage, power usage, unsafe gas levels such as CO2 etc.]
  • Gas meater can monitor 40 different times of gas
  • Amazon Kindle (little electronic book) done in Java
  • Very cool mash-up Demo of a multi-media app done in JavaFX on applet, desktop, and mobile
  • one thing was cool is that they were able to drag the applet to the desktop and drag photos from the desktop to the application, it felt very integrated
  • They were having ridiculous network issues, then again so am I
  • Very cool 3D high-def stuff, very fast, very cool looking stuff
  • Java 6 update 10 preview release
  • JavaFX Desktop SDK EAP (July)
  • JavaFX Desktop 1.0 (Fall)
  • JavaFX Mobile and TV (Spring 2009)
  • Glassfish V3 Kernal
    • 98KB
    • Modular Design
    • Okay I'm a glassfish fanboy
  • 48,000,000 JRE downloads a month
  • Project Hydrazine
    • Find
    • Merge
    • Deploy
    • Share
    • Monetize
  • Project Insight
    • JavaFX platform will have "Instrumentation", the ability to monitor data of users and passing data to users.
    • I don't really understand what that means.
  • Holy Crap, Neil Young is up on stage
    • He's talking about how the Blue Ray sound is so much superior to anything prior
    • He's wearing shades, what the...
    • That was very cool suff, best Blue Ray Demo Ever

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