Wednesday, April 16, 2008

CDR (Configuration Data Repository) Open Sourced!

This is big news for me as CDR is the first application that Delegata has open sourced. It was also my first stab at using Grails for a project that is being used in production.

CDR is an extremely simple Configuration Management Database. It is meant to be a starting point for an organization that is taking the initial steps toward getting their Configuration Management under control. As such, it's not meant to compete with the big CMDB vendors in features and functionality (yet).

I'm building CDR using the following:
  • Grails 1.01
    • Jsecurity Plugin (the latest 0.2 snapshot)
    • Jasper Reports Plugin (0.7.5)
    • WebTest Plugin(0.3)
I'm hoping to post in the coming weeks about some of my experiences, work-arounds, etc.

Delegata released it under the new BSD license so it can pretty much be used by whoever wants it for whatever purpose they have for it. Our goal is by open sourcing this product, it will continue to bring value to or clients beyond the initial release as they will be able to take advantage of any improvements made by me or anyone else.

I am still actively developing CDR, adding tests of all sorts, making UI improvements, and enhancing functionality. The source is available at:

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